We elevate your events with digital ideas so you can shine brighter.

Glove Ideas is your go-to digital creative agency specialising in enriching event experiences through innovative digital solutions.

Our strong background in branding, motion graphics, and digital technologies fuels our work, which spans everything from brand creation to application development, digital activations, projection mapping, VR and AR solutions.

However, our expertise shines brightest when we cater to the events industry and events agencies that lack digital expertise in-house. 

We provide a wide array of digital solutions designed specifically for events, including digital games, product demos, instant prize activations, dual-screen games, e-competitions, scavenger hunts, digital quizzes and surveys, entertaining games, and augmented reality scavenger hunts, projection mapping, among others.

What makes us different

Glove Ideas is an independent digital agency based in Sydney, founded by two creative partners with diverse backgrounds. Boasting over 30 years of combined experience in developing brands, digital and experiential projects, Glove Ideas is the culmination of their creative energies and years of experience working with creative agencies and tech professionals. We’re not here to take your spotlight, we are here to elevate your ideas.

Glove Ideas isn’t just another digital creative agency; we are specialists who merge creativity, technology, and a deep understanding of the events industry to curate extraordinary digital experiences. Our expertise extends from branding to motion graphics and the latest digital technologies. 

Beyond our vast array of services, what truly makes Glove Ideas unique is our forward-thinking approach. We are not only content with providing custom-built solutions; we are committed to innovating our own proprietary products to enhance event experiences even further. This keen focus on continual evolution, combined with a dedication to our clients’ success, positions us as a partner that agencies and corporations can rely on to deliver engaging, interactive, and highly visible brand experiences.

Global Perspective

We’re a digital production company with Global Perspective, we live in a world without borders dealing with clients and team members based in Australia, North America, South America and Asia.

Measurable Results

Here at Glove Ideas, we believe beauty without functionality, without usability and results mean nothing. We focus on the outcome without gimmicks

Lean, Fast & Efficient

We work with local talent and teams around the world and adjust them to the size of your challenge. From the creative concept all the way to production. Going crazy, going live, going offline, through email, live streaming and in person.

Explore what your next idea can be.

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