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Glove Ideas is your go-to digital partner, geared up to take your events up a notch. We blend innovation with engagement, turning your events into immersive, unforgettable experiences tailor-made to your specific needs. Our strength is in bridging the digital and physical realms, making your brand more engaging and noticeable than ever.

Our main game is the events industry. Backed by a strong foundation in branding, motion graphics, and digital technologies, we offer a range of services, extending beyond just brand creation and app development to digital activations, projection mapping, and VR and AR solutions.

Our offerings include engaging digital games that captivate your audience, instant prize activations that create a buzz, dual-screen games and e-competitions that drive engagement, and immersive AR scavenger hunts that provide unique entertainment. We offer product demos that effectively showcase your products, digital quizzes and surveys that capture invaluable audience insights, and projection mapping that brings your event space to life.

With Glove Ideas, you can not only bring a spark of digital innovation to your events, but also ensure they’re the talk of the town, stand out, and leave a lasting impression. Count on us to transform your events, making them as engaging, entertaining, and effective as possible.

Who we cater for?

At Glove Ideas, our services appeal to a broad spectrum of clients. Event Management Companies and Marketing and Advertising Agencies value our solutions for the effective planning and execution of a range of events, from corporate gatherings and trade shows to product activations and brand promotions. Businesses, large and small, across various sectors rely on us for our advanced digital solutions for their business events such as product launches, annual meetings, and team-building exercises.

We’re also pleased to assist Educational Institutions, and Public Sector Entities with our digital solutions, aiding them in hosting successful charity events, academic conferences, public meetings, among others. Moreover, private individuals orchestrating personal events like weddings and parties find our services extremely beneficial for streamlining their planning process and elevating the guest experience. At Glove Ideas, we accommodate all who aim to make their events memorable, efficient, and engaging.

Developing digital components for events with Glove Ideas

Working with Glove Ideas to craft digital solutions for events is a collaborative, innovative, and rewarding experience. We kick off the process by understanding your needs, objectives, and the nature of your event. This detailed analysis allows us to provide tailored solutions that align with your brand ethos and event goals.

Our team prides itself on open communication, ensuring you’re involved in every step of the decision-making process. We brainstorm, design, and develop together, constantly seeking your input and feedback. With our expertise in digital technologies and a deep understanding of event dynamics, we transform your ideas into engaging digital solutions.

Furthermore, we respect your deadlines, striving to deliver high-quality, innovative digital solutions in a timely manner. Our aim is to not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing an exceptional level of service that leaves a lasting impression.

Ultimately, partnering with Glove Ideas means gaining a reliable, creative, and dedicated team that’s committed to making your event a resounding success.

End-to-end build

User Experience

We design with your customer in mind, crafting a user-friendly site that answers their questions, meets their needs, and keeps them engaged, making their online experience as smooth and satisfying as possible.

UI Design

We prioritise creating a visually engaging design that encapsulates your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience, that’s also a visual treat that keeps your customers coming back for more.


We turn your digital vision into a tangible, interactive experience. We take pride in constructing websites that truly reflect your business needs and engage your customers effectively.


Website maintenance is a critical part of our services at Glove Ideas. We understand that a successful website needs regular updates and checks to ensure its optimal performance. 

Some of the technicalities we take care of

Interactive technologies use: RFID, NFC, QR-codes, Beacons, Smart wristbands, Interactive Screens and Interfaces – we have the best solutions to integrate with your activation and data-capture.

Domain Name: This is the unique name that identifies your website, such as “”

Hosting: This is a service that provides the technologies needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

Database Systems: Many websites need to store and retrieve data, which is done through databases. Common database systems include MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Backend Programming: This refers to server-side development, which can be done using various programming languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, or .NET.

Frontend Programming: This refers to client-side development that deals with what users see when they visit the website. It involves technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and libraries or frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js.

Web APIs: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used for communication between different software components. They allow different parts of your website to communicate with each other or with other websites and services.

Security Measures: These include things like SSL certificates for encrypted connections, secure user authentication, and protection against threats like SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Analytics: Tools like Google Analytics or Matomo are used to track website usage and user behaviour, helping website owners understand their audience and improve their website over time.

Responsive Design: As we’ve discussed, this ensures your website displays well on all device types, from desktops to smartphones.

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