ELC’s Educational Renaissance: Crafting a Global Language through Design.

The English Language Centre (ELC), a prestigious educational institution in Australia, entrusted us with the task of reimagining their brand identity and digital presence. Our journey began with a complete rebranding of their schools, where we introduced a new logo inspired by a bookshelf, encapsulating the wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities ELC offers. This logo, with its minimalist design, symbolises the open, accessible, and modern approach of ELC to language education.

Our innovation extended to the ELC website, where we implemented an intuitive UX and UI design. Understanding the global reach of ELC, we designed the website to cater to a diverse international audience. One of the standout features is the smart forms that dynamically adjust content based on the user’s location. These forms change language, pricing, and currency, offering a customised experience that respects and aligns with different cultural and online practices. This strategic design choice significantly enhanced the conversion rates of student intakes from various parts of the world, demonstrating the power of thoughtful, inclusive design in educational settings.

What's the most important thing to consider when creating a strong brand?

Creating a strong brand is fundamentally about reflecting the values and ethos of the company. It goes beyond the visual elements like logos and colour schemes; it’s about embodying the intangible aspects of a company’s identity. These values are the guiding principles that inform every aspect of the brand, from customer interactions to product development and marketing strategies. They help establish a connection with the audience, building trust and loyalty.

In the case of ELC, for instance, our branding strategy was deeply rooted in their commitment to accessible, inclusive, and high-quality education. The minimalist bookshelf logo not only represented the academic aspect but also symbolised openness and accessibility. Similarly, the website’s user experience was designed with a global audience in mind, adhering to the value of inclusivity. By tailoring the online experience to suit diverse cultural practices and languages, ELC’s brand successfully communicated its dedication to serving students from all over the world. In essence, a strong brand is a true reflection of a company’s heart and soul, resonating with its audience through shared values and commitments.

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