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Fitno stands as a testament to our comprehensive creative process, encompassing everything from the app’s naming to its intuitive UX and UI design. The branding of Fitno is anchored in the dynamic design of the letter ‘F’, which not only represents form and structure but also embodies the power and fluidity of movement, reflecting the app’s core philosophy. This visual identity extends into the app’s user experience, which is much more than a typical fitness application. Fitno offers a unique blend of tailored exercise routines and an audio guide feature. This innovative aspect provides users with real-time, audio-based guidance on exercise pacing and timing, transforming their workout experience into a personalised training session.

The mobile experience of Fitno is designed to be immersive and responsive, catering to the individual needs of each user. It’s not just about following a prescribed set of exercises; it’s about engaging with a personal trainer right in your ear, guiding you through each movement and helping you maintain the correct pace. This level of personalisation and interaction sets Fitno apart in the crowded fitness app market, offering a truly unique and effective workout companion.

Letting future students experienceof life in Australia and the campus through VR.

When building an app, how much should be spent on building the product, and how much should be allocated for everything else?

A common misconception among founders and aspiring app developers is that the bulk of resources should be poured into the app’s development. However, building the app is just the beginning. It’s crucial to consider the broader picture, including ongoing monthly costs, marketing efforts, staffing, and other expenses that might not directly relate to the app’s development. These aspects are integral to the app’s success and longevity in the market. For Fitno, understanding and allocating resources wisely across these areas was key to creating a well-rounded and sustainable product that stands out in the competitive fitness app landscape.

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